Lindstrem's Dacha. Strelna.
Strelna is one of the oldest suburbs of St. Petersburg. It is this place that Peter the First intended to turn into his summer residence for official receptions "The Russian Versailles". The grounds for manors were only issued with high resolution, and only the chosen architectors Leblon, Rastrelli, Voronihin and others were permitted to construct.

"Lindstrem's dacha" appeared on the map of Strelna in the first half of the XIX century. The building was erected for Peter I. von Lindstrem, the court doctor of the grand duke Konstantin. Due to his occupation Lindstrem had to be in immediate proximity to the residence of His imperial Highness, thus the estate was situated in the eastern part of Strelna on the coast of the Palace pond.
Unfortunately, in the course of time it was destroyed in the beginning of the 90s a fire almost entirely ruined the building.

Elena Obraztsova
04/09/2007     22:24:39    
Wonderful house, clean and bright, with home atmosphere, simple and subtle people. It is great that one can see a family album of our Vladimir Vladimirovich and get to know about his hobbies, enjoy beautiful paintings and nice interior. Moreover, there is a yummy food, excellent service and again charm of the people who work there and devote their lives to the customers and the dacha.
My best wishes to you,
Elena Obraztsova

A. Sakurov
24/08/2007     22:35:23    
My best regards to all people who work at Lindstrem Dacha.

Many thanks,
A. Sakurov

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